This large-scale, super soft seating experience is designed to take family room time to a whole new level. Choose from six different style options, all with the sink-in luxury of our Ultra Down cushion.

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All dimensions listed are approximate
and may vary due to the handcrafted nature of our products.

Standard: Loose Pillow Back / 19" Throw Pillows.

Number of standard throw pillows represented in illustration.

41" depth standard. To order 45" depth, add LUXE to product number. Example: LOUNGE-20 CHILL LUXE. Extra charge applies for LUXE depth.

Width measurements based on widest arm styles, the CHILL, URBANE & VINTAGE. Overall width is reduced with these arm options: ENDURE -3.5" per arm, MOD -2.25" per arm, PURE -2.75" per arm. Seating area dimensions not affected by arm choice.

Download 1/4" Scale PDF

Overall Height: 37

Overall Depth: 41 or 45

Inside Depth: 24 or 28

Arm Height: 25

Seat Height: 18

Seat Cushions: UD

24 or 28 18

Style Options


Reduces outside width by 3.5" per arm


Reduces outside width by 2.25" per arm


Reduces outside width by 2.75" per arm

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