Why Buy Hickory Home

An American-made furniture company with a modern take on classic home fashion.

Handcrafted in the
foothills of North Carolina

Quality craftsmanship has always been at the forefront at Hickory Home, and therefore our leaders have strategically chosen to manufacture 100% of our products in the foothills of NC, where they can find the most skilled and experienced craftsmen and women in the industry.

Livable fashion

Our product design team travels extensively each year to conduct
market research on home fashion trends, ensuring that our
furniture designs possess an aesthetic that fits the current
trends in today’s homes. We believe in keeping our silhouettes
and fabric selections fresh and fashion-forward, but also classic
enough to remain in style for many years to come.

To complement our broad selection of sofas, chairs, sectionals
and recliners, Hickory Home offers a tastefully diverse collection of fabrics and leathers.

Pieces can be further customized with a broad selection of
wood finishes, trims and decorative upholstery treatments to
create a design unlike any other.


True luxury upholstery is more than skin-deep. It not only needs
to look beautiful, but it requires a superior seating experience.
At Hickory Home we hand-select the perfect cushion
comfort for every frame based on its style, scale and depth.
But don’t worry if you want it a little softer or firmer, just ask!
Our furniture is made to order just the way you want it!


Call us old-fashioned, but in a world where everything seems
to be disposable, at Hickory Home we hold onto the belief
in building products that last. This begins with choosing the
right materials and employing the finest techniques to assemble
them. The skilled craftsmen and women at Hickory Home
employ time-tested manufacturing techniques that have been
passed down for generations to achieve the highest level of
long-lasting quality and style. Each unique piece is created
by hand, one at a time, taking no short cuts and being
deliberate on the details.

Make it your own

Just like your wardrobe, your home should be a reflection of your personal style.
At Hickory Home we make it easy to create a custom designer look unique to you in three simple steps.

Our commitment
to the planet

Hickory Home was a “green” company long before that
became a trending buzz word. Since the beginning, our owners
have felt it was their responsibility to run a manufacturing
business that leaves as small a carbon footprint as possible. We
are a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and
continuously strive to find new ways to improve manufacturing
practices to have a positive impact on the planet.